Netcity coverage

By the end of 2023, Netcity underground infrastructure connects over 50.000 premises (including residential ensembles and office buildings) and the footprint is extended each day by the continuous development of the network throughout all Bucharest districts.

To download the complete list of streets and post numbers connected to Netcity, click below:

Migration period expired info

Are you located on red code street? In this case, actions for the aerial cables to be decommissioned by the municipality are already taking place or are about to be started in a short time.

Fortunately, all telecom service providers have been notified of these actions in a timely and repeated manner to avoid the risk of interruption of your fixed internet or TV services.

However, we encourage you to contact your your telecom service provider to verify the status of cables migration to the underground network, or, if your services have already been interrupted, to restore them urgently via an underground connection.

The aerial cables to be decommisioned

In the areas covered by the Netcity network and mapped with green code, The Bucharest City Hall has completed the aerial telecommunication cables decommissioning actions.

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