What you should know

The connection of the buildings to the Netcity network is free of charge during the initial infrastructure construction works.

However, on a certain area, additional embranchments, specifically called „on-demand embranchments/infrastructure”, may be required for either new constructions, or for buildings not initially connected due to the lack of homeowner’s agreement, or for buildings for which a second embranchment is required (embranchments that provides redundancy).

To connect a building to the underground infrastructure, it is necessary for a terminal box to be installed:

    • in the basement of the building
    • in the technical room of the building
    • in another area (to be established during the field assessment)


  • Request an on-demand branchments / infrastructure:

    The benefits of connecting to Netcity network

    • The access of the tenants to the services of all operators present in the Netcity network
    • The possibility to quickly change the TV, internet or telephone cable operator
    • Low connection time
    • A modern urban look for the area, with the removal of the aerial cables.

    The advantages offered by connecting the premise to Netcity network

    1. Access for the tenants to the services of all operators present in Netcity network
    2. Possibility to fast choose / change of the TV cable, fixed internet or landline telephone operator
    3. Short time to connect
    4. The area where the building is located will acquire a modern urban look

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